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The most relevant lodges at Patagonia, have evolved from what was once a rustic fishing or hunting camp into luxurious world-class accommodation. It is a purpose built facility that has been designed to meet the needs of the most discerning angler. The accommodation has been created with traditional fishing and hunting lodge atmosphere in mind, but also combines elements of modern luxury with wonderful style.
When you're staying at an estancia, you have to consider that is not a hotel where guests retreat to their suites and order room service at night. Visiting some traditional Patagonic estancia is a highly social affair: meals are communal and leisurely, and guests are encouraged to join the family as they gather around the fire, leafing through fly fishing magazines or art books and sharing stories.

The lodges are the key to best fishing and maximum fishing time.
Each river cuts through huge tracts of private land that restricts access, protects the fishery and ensures a solitary experience. There is a good chance you'll have the river to yourself during the days of your stay. These rivers receive minimal fishing pressure which will be evident in the intact riparian environment and of course, the healthy condition of the trouts.

    NORTHERN Lodges

Tipiliuke Lodge

Luxury Fishing Tipiliuke Lodge Patagonia-Chimehuin & Quilquihue riversFew places in the world truly embody the spirit of adventure more than the fabulous award-winning Tipiliuke Lodge, located in the heart of Northern Patagonia. Offering world class luxury accommodation and a uniquely fly fishing experience in the Chimehuin river ,that together with the Quilquihue river has an amazing variety of waters, most allowing fly fishermen to easily wade and fishing for wild Rainbow and Brown Trout.
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Quemquemtreu Lodge

Quemquemtreu Lodge-Collon Cura & Caleufu riversLocated about 1 hour "plus" from Chapelco airport, Quemquemtreu estancia is a great ranch of 200,000 acre, that offers the possibility of having a unique experience of a different fly fishing trip, lodging in the main house of a traditional cattle and polo horses breeding ranch. The Quemquemtreu estancia has both fishing and hunting lodges, each having a capacity for 10 guests.
Quemquemtreu gives us private access to the lower reaches of the Collón Cura River, being able to make more than 5 different day floats and return to the Estancia each evening.
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San Huberto Lodge

San Huberto Lodge-Malleo riverTactically located, San Huberto is one of the most requested Argentina fishing lodges in Northern Patagonia. This Lodge has 6 rooms with twin or double beds, holding a max of 12 guests.
San Huberto Lodge is one of our favorite estancias not only because of the superior fishing on the Malleo River, but also because the staff treats our guests like special friends. More information about San Huberto Lodge


Arroyo Verde Lodge

Luxury retreat Arroyo Verde Lodge-Traful riverOur preferred program is to combine accommodation in Arroyo Verde with other lodges. Arroyo Verde Lodge is an excellent choice for couples. Non anglers will enjoy horseback riding from the fine stable provided, as well as hiking and a trip to the nearby cottage on Lake Traful, that offers a view you will not soon forget.
The estancia borders with 12 miles of the magnificent Traful River. It is home to huge and numerous brown and rainbow trouts and the occasional Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. Trophies are not uncommon on the Traful, and expert nymph fishermen find it to be an angling paradise.

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Filo Hua Hum Lodge

Filo Hua Hum Lodge-Estancia Tres LagosTres Lagos Lodge is located on the Filo Hua Hum River at the Nahuel Huapi National Park and surrounded by stunning Andes mountains scenery, with snow-covered peaks, brilliant lakes, lush meadows and crystal clear streams. Is a privately-owned working ranch dedicated to cattle breeding that is located and between the towns of Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes. The hosts provide an warm welcome with a country life approach and their British/Argentinean background allows a wonderful insight into life in the Andes. More about Filo Hua Hum Lodge.

Rio Quillen Lodge

Hosteria Rio Quillen-Quillen & Malalco riversNestled in the Lanín National Park and surrounded by the Quillén Valley, this 65000 acre Estancia offers a natural paradise suitable for fly-fishing and other recreational activities such as trekking, rafting, and mountain-biking.
The Main House was built many years ago with local wood and stone, is a large and comfortable structure that holds double rooms with private bathrooms. Strategically placed offer unique views of the most fantastic landscapes, only a few kilometers away from the river.
The Quillén River and its tributary, the Malalco, have a perfect structure for dry fly fishing for Rainbow and Brown trouts. Hosteria Rio Quillen Lodge

    SOUTHERN Lodges

Rio Manso Lodge

Rio Manso Lodge

The venue is located near the border with Chile on the Eastern shore of Lake Hess and the Manso River in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Rio Manso Lodge is nestled in the midst of lush forests and virgin waters where you will fish a wide variety of small streams, large rivers to intimate spring creeks and deep productive lakes where huge brown, rainbow and brook trouts swim waiting for you.

If you’re looking five-star accommodation in an unique location, with whisper-quiet seclusion, great fly fishing, luxury and the world’s finest food and wine, search no more. Your ultimate wilderness retreat is Rio Manso Lodge.

Carrileufu Valley Lodge

Carrileufu Valley LodgeCarrileufu Valley Lodge is based near the small town of Cholila, in which the small and poor ranch house of Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Etta Place still stands as a sample of their stay through here.
The lodge is conveniently located just outside the northern border of Los Alerces National Park, one of the most scenic of Argentina fly fishing destinations, with multiple river and lake watersheds.

Our Carrileufu Valley Lodge’s guiding operation is one of Patagonia’s most experienced fly-fishing outfitters. Our guides provide access to some of the best fly fishing in Patagonia. They offer the most diverse range of rainbow and brown trout fly fishing opportunities in more water than can possibly be fished in a week’s time.
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