Favorite Rivers of Northern Patagonia

“North Western Patagonia is one the finest destination in the world for sight fishing to large trout with dry flies and nymphs.”
Patagonia has one of Argentina's premier waters, offering top-quality wilderness fishing for trophy sized fish in its headwaters. Here offer excellent stream fishing for rainbows, browns and brookies.

∼Alumine & Collon Cura River∼

The Alumine river is born in both Alumine and Moquehue lakes and runs for 100 miles until it joins the Catan Lil River and forms the Collon Cura river. The lower course of the Alumine River, from the confluence of the Quillen, have spectacular structures including large boulders, willow lined banks, and deep pools that achieves incredibles rainbows and browns catches. This is one of the favorite rivers that we choose for our multi-day fishing Expeditions.

The Collon Cura river run through an ample high desert valley, willow lined banks and alternate with tuff-stone formations and high cliffs. The Collon Cura's slow water and broad gravel riffles makes for leisure floating and easy wading. As we all know, this river is famous for its large quality of hard fighting rainbows and browns which average 17 inches, reaching up to 15 pounds. Just about every form of fly fishing can be effective on this river. From little flies to big attractors and streamers this river has it all for enjoyed.

Most of the fishing is done drifting for full or half day, depending the personal preferences, wading is always available, and for those who prefer not to cast from boats, or we can use the boats to reach to the best fishing areas.

If you're looking for fabulous fishing and not a fancy lodge, Huechahue Ranch and 3 Rios are the must. The lodges are situated right on the banks of the river. Both Huechahue and Tres Rios Lodges on the mid-course, eliminating long drives over gravel roads to get to the most important thing that concerns: The Fishing.

On the Quemquemtreu tributary flowing though Estancia Quemquemtreu, where are established Quemquemtreu Lodge, anglers can stalk big hungry trout with dry flies from November to January. From mid February to the end of the season, occurs a migration of alevins or fry, and trouts go crazy. Not everything is amazing landscape and spectacular fishing, it is also the perfect setting to watch the wildlife, with an abundance of wild boars, stags network, flames and thousands of waterfowl

∼Chimehuin River∼

Perhaps the most emblematic river in Patagonia is the Chimehuin River. Their size and structure are perfect, and is the habitat of amazing trouts of more than 30 inches in length. The challenge is always there, especially on the plentiful evening hatches, where big yellow mayflies are the preferred delicacy of the trouts! The majority of trouts are rainbows, followed by browns but also land-locked salmon can occasionally be found.

This incredible river, formed by fast and slow waters, small channels, cut-banks, deep pools, provides the anglers with a hard to beat number of fishing options, where no one gets bored. Hatches are predictable during most of the season. Caddiss flies, hexagenias and mayflies. Also hoppers season. The available options for fishing this river are: floating trips with drift boats in one or two days with overnight camping on the banks, or luxury lodging in Tipiliuke Ranch with private, trouble-free and fast access to the fishing areas through internal estancia roads, making it really easy so you'll be fishing in just 10 minutes.

∼Malleo River∼

Malleo is a spectacular river from 40 to 100 feet wide, has the character of a spring creek; its pure and crystalline waters proceed from lake Tromen which is fed by meltwater of ancient glaciers. Water temperature and mineral composition, make the Malleo an ideal habitat for great variety of insects and of course its predictable hatches. That is why this river is so famous not only in Patagonia but on the entire world.

The upper Malleo is small and slow flowing in its headwaters in Tromen Lake, and faster on the lower reaches with willow lined banks which supply perfect conditions for dry fly fishing. The fishing is technical, often requiring very small flies and longer tippets. It serves as an habitat for rainbow and brown trout sized between 15 to18 inches with lots of opportunities to catch larger fishes.

The Malleo is a difficult stream to access, and is often the most requested. Fortunately, we have the possibility to access it and lodge in the famous and comfortable San Huberto Lodge, owned by the Olsen family. It is likely to be one of the finest streams in the world, and as a result, it is the favourite for fishermen returning to Argentina. When is possible, we always book our guests for at least a few days on this wonderful river.

∼Traful River∼

Traful river runs through Estancia Arroyo Verde in a spectacular valley, with blue-green clear waters holding trophy rainbows and browns, and it's the only river in South America that holds an amazing population of landlocked salmon, and catching 3 to 10 lbs salmons is not strange.

We know that fishing in Traful could be a little easier, but the river still contains many exemplary record, but skills and luck gives you incomparable rewards! Our guest fishermen describe the Traful by the size of its catches, the average being 2 to 3 pounds, although every season several fish over 10 pounds are caught, and it is usual to take several in the range of 4 to 6 pounds. River conditions are ideal for dry-fly, nymphs and streamers throughout the November to March season.

∼Caleufu River∼

If you book from the first week of December until mid January, can experience a three days floating trip, with two nights overnight on Caleufu river, through the wilderness of Patagonia. Filo Hua Hum and Meliquina rivers join to create this medium-sized river which running through an incredible canyon.
Caleufu offers wonderful and productive dry-fly fishing for browns and rainbows between the 15-20 inch range. Our campsite on the riverbanks, will have all the necessary amenities and even the smallest details will be taken care of. We provide you with an excellent service that will make your stay enjoyable and relaxing.

Pristine rivers flow through broad valleys of Northernmost part of Patagonia, surrounded by the Andes mountain range. Many are connected by scenic lakes providing a habitat for wild browns, rainbows, and brookies.

Many of this Patagonian Rivers are undiscovered. Meantime, are fished so seldom that they might as well be unfished.

That is why, we have begun to operate in the surrounding area of the Quillen river, where we have established our base of operations.
There at Rio Quillen House, a great retreat for anglers with all facilities, we get the best out of the strategic location, and seamless access to the best fishing areas.

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