Fly Fishing Programs

If you're a fly fishing enthusiast or simply an adventure seeker, and are looking for a very different travel option, it's hard to beat Patagonia, and our Fly Fishing Programs. We invite you to live the ultimate experience in this special place in the world.

A fly fishing trip can be completed with many exciting angling experiences. With countless lakes, river and stream fishing options very close and access to non-crowded public waters you'll never run out of things to try. Whether you're a beginning fly fisher, or an expert, you're sure to be provided with an unforgettable angling experience.


The easily accessible waters offer an opportunity for the classic fly fishing experience of stalking and sight casting to trophy browns and rainbows in shallow, clear water. All of our guides operate modern 4WD vehicles and SUVĀ“s, and can drive you to most of the famous mountain streams in stunning fishing locations.

We are fishing legendary rivers like the Malleo and the Chimehuin at just few minutes drive, but there are more remote streams that go unnoticed, and unfished, only a short distance away from your place of lodging. Some of these small mountain creeks offer very easy walking along grassy banks with shallow wading between quiet pools and runs. Here a big dry fly that floats through a riffle will usually induce a dramatic take.


This trips are an excellent way to experience Patagonia wilderness; we offer many choices among the wide variety of rivers and lakes that we have in the area around San Martin de los Andes town.

From one to six days, Floating trips and Expeditions incorporate a very large area to fish, that would otherwise be unattainable, because vast areas of Patagonia are wild and far away from the roads. Among the favorite rivers that we float, you'll find the Collon Cura, Alumine, Chimehuin, Caleufu and many lakes in National Park lands.

Find out more information about rivers in Favorite Rivers of Northern Patagonia.


This package allows stay on a true and traditional Argentine estancia, offering excellent service, fishing this private access sections of the Chimehuin,Traful, Collon Cura and Malleo rivers, guided by professional English speaking guides.

Enjoy in this unique experience first-class accommodation, patagonic foods and Argentine asados, delicious wines and marvelous settings, combining two or more of the most relevant lodges at Patagonia.

Patagonia Lodges are an unforgettable experience. See more about Northern Lodges & Southern Lodges


This amazing program allows unparalleled access to rivers, like Caleufu, Collon Cura, Alumine and Chimehuin, that runs through vast private lands, that restricts access, protects the fishery and ensures a minimal fishing pressure and a solitary experience.

Each Expedition package includes at least 3 full days of fishing and 2 nights high quality camping on the banks of the river, and fits perfectly with other FIP Programs.

A cargo raft will carry all personal gear and equipment ahead of us; thus, the camping staff will set up a full campsite with dinner, kitchen and angler tents, while anglers are fishing until last minute. Our campsite on the river banks, will have all the necesary ammenities and even the smallest details, comfortable tents are shared by two anglers, offering plenty of room to enjoy, with sleeping bags, air mattresses and the best camping gear available on the market. We provide you with an excellent service, dinners are cooked "patagonia style", with the best of local produce and meats, prepared with large portions and our selection of argentine wines.

Just imagine the crackling of the campfire, the scent of nature and the sound of nearby flowing water. Your memories will be unforgettable.