Fly Fishing Season in Northern Patagonia

What to expect at different times of the season...

The fly fishing season in Patagonia Argentina runs from November until the end of May. It is the exact opposite of the North American season, when many rivers are still cold or frozen over.


∼November & December∼

Officially the fly fishing season opens in Patagonia on November 7th, from this time to mid December we usually have sunny but some windy days, temperatures are still some cool, but with longer days. The trouts have been undisturbed for months, are very hungry and active after spawning, and there is excellent fishing with weighted nymphs and streamers on sinking lines. Also some good evening hatches offering very good dry fly fishing at dusk. Sometimes the water level of the big rivers still at their highest flows, this is the opportunity to fish the smaller streams, river channels and the National Park's lakes.

Take advantage of special deals for early season, you can enjoy spectacular fishing and fewer fishermen per week staying in our Lodges.


∼January until mid–March∼

This is the best time to fly fishing in Northern Patagonia rivers. The days are long and warm and the water flow begins to slow downwater, there are good mayfly and caddis hatches and the trouts start feed timidly on the surface throughout the day and generally are very enthusiastic towards the dry flies.

As summer progresses, the trout are highly visible in the water, but selective with their feeding, these conditions demand smart fishing and delicate presentations with small dries and nymphs and long tippets. On larger rivers which accessed by floating trips, there is excellent terrestrial activity on the surface and the trouts are so excited by big attractors and foam flies with long rubber legs. Grasshoppers and other terrestrial insects play an increasingly important role in the daily diet. This is a dreamy time to be at Patagonia.

If you plan to come during the summer time, remember that is the most popular season for fishing and tourism in Patagonia, therefore make your reservation with enough time, you won't be disappointed.


∼Late Summer in March∼

March is definitely the month of fishing, the weather is still warm and settled. The dry and cooler evenings induce good hatches. Water levels are slightly lower, providing easier wading in some of the bigger waters. Resident trout in mountain streams willingly rise to the surface and the brown trout become more active. Dries and nymphs produce consistently.

∼Fall in April and May∼

The Brookies, Browns and Salmon begin spawning movement. This is definitely your best chance for a trophy brookie or brown. These are colder months, while the water temperature does not change substantially. The fish are still very strong and the insect’s activity begins to slow down but still fills the waters and air. Big trout are found in the prime lies, and hatches are less frequent, usually during the sundown hours.

Evening and dusk hatches become very interesting, mainly when casting at big trout rising to the surface for caddies and mayflies. Days get shorter and the best fishing hours are during the early morning hours, noon time, and sunset, around 08:00 p.m. The size and quality of the fishing is superior, allowing for some of the largest captures of the season, in an exiting and challenging environment.

No matter what the season, Fishing in Patagonia can offer you a truly memorable experience.