How to Get There

Your fly fishing adventure has never been easier!

Reaching North Patagonia is not difficult. Aerolineas Argentinas, American, Delta, Continental, United and Lan Chile have non-stop service from major cities throughout the U.S. and Europe to Buenos Aires. You should book your flights from your city of origin to Buenos Aires and from here to San Martin de los Andes or Bariloche. Some international flights to Buenos Aires depart in the evening and their length is ten hours aproximately. So get a good night's rest and awake in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From Buenos Aires, it takes about two hours to fly to San Martin de los Andes on direct jet service (EmBraer 190). After landing at the San Martin de los Andes airport, you will be in touch with your Fishing in Patagonia hosts and guides.

Any traveler recognizes that traveling outside your country can be stressful, due to all the details and arrangements. Why not choose your dates for fishing and entrust all your travel needs in the hands of our agents?

In Buenos Aires and San Martin de los Andes, we suggest that you use our great travel agents specialize in travels to Argentina. They assist you with the accommodations, since they are very familiar with everything you’ll want to do in Buenos Aires and also with transportation services from airports to hotels, city tours, Tango show reservations and much more while you are in Buenos Aires.
          Please contact us today to send information about our specialist travel agents.

∼Overnight in Buenos Aires∼

  • Buenos Aires is an interesting city filled with culture, attractions, beauty, and lots of things to do. It is recommended that you overnight either on the way to or from Patagonia, to enjoy a day or two in the city. Staying the night in Buenos Aires gives you the best opportunity to rest before your fly fishing adventure. City tours, tango show, polo matches, soccer game, and dinner reservations can all be made for you by our travel experts. Other arrangements can be made by the hotel concierge. For example: if you like art, history, or antiques, you might enjoy visiting contemporary and classic art museums, art galleries, history museums, or go to San Telmo's town and visit the extraordinary antique markets. Always we recommend you to read a guide book for more information about all you can do in Buenos Aires.
    To book your travel reservations you only have to give your complete information to our agents and let them do the work for you.


  • The U.S. dollar is accepted throughout the country. Cash is recommended for purchasing your fishing license, gratuities, and gifts. ATM machines dispense Argentine Pesos or Dollars, charging a small fee, from your credit or debit card. Traveler's checks are accepted but with a discount and can be easily exchanged for Argentine Pesos in Buenos Aires at your hotel or bank, but it is not possible to do that in Patagonia. Credit cards are accepted in every restaurant and shop, but many businesses offer a discount for paying with a U.S. currency or with Argentine Pesos.

∼Documents Required∼

  • People of the USA, Australia , Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and other nations do not need a visa for tourist trips of up to ninety days.

∼Health Requeriments∼

  • There are no immunizations required for entry into Argentina. For the latest information on health and immunization requirements, you may visit the Centre for Disease Control ( ). Because you will be in a remote location once you are in Patagonia, make sure that you bring any required medications. If you have any existing medical conditions, that we should be aware of, please let us know in advance so any special arrangements can be made. In spite of the fact that the water is drinkable throughout Argentina, we will offer during the entire your trip with us, bottled pure water.

∼Travel Insurance∼

  • We recommend travel insurance for your trip to Patagonia. There is limited access to quality care due to the remote location of the fishing areas. We have taken great precautions in providing a trip that is safe and rewarding. In the event that something unexpected were to happen, it would be wise to have prepared in advance by purchasing travel insurance. We can provide you with the necessary insurance information.